It can be an exciting experience to be a property owner for the first time. However, that is usually paired with massive responsibilities. Generally, having a residential estate of your own indicates that you have to take care of your home and guarantee that all systems within your house are functioning seamlessly. With that, you’ll be required to maintain its electrical wiring, HVAC, plumbing, and other structural parts like the walls. Above all these residential maintenance factors to consider, property owners only deal with some of them seriously compared to others.  

If you recently have your first residential property, then there’s a possibility that you haven’t been looking after your walls at this time due to the strong plasterboards that make up your drywall. If you want to resolve the mistake in your home maintenance, check out the following drywall maintenance tips that can help optimize the condition of your drywall. For more information about drywall, visit 

 Fix Holes 

Once you can observe holes in your drywall, make sure to attend to it immediately instead of neglecting it just because it looks insignificant. Even if they may look inconsequential and small circular gaps and openings in your wall, they can eventually get larger once left unattended. 

Aside from those holes look very unappealing. Hence, never ignore drywall holes and have them fixed ASAP by putting a concealing drywall compound. If you do not know how to execute this, get a drywall patching service and have it done by the experts.  

Take out popped nails  

Popped nails are one of the most typical structural drywall hazards. Once you can notice one, make sure not to ignore it. Rather, get it out and change the plasterboard to fix the damage. 

Water Leakage 

Leaks tend to be more prevalent in residential properties. Regardless of how well you have installed your plumbing system after some time, you’ll still encounter water getting in through the parts in your home that don’t have any contact with water like your wall corners. Commonly, leaks can be unnoticeable until they get too obvious to miss. However, that also indicates that a quick repair won’t work. So, once you can observe this issue, have it fixed as soon as possible.  

Clean Stains  

A lot of property owners without children with them believe that their walls will always be spotless since there are no kids who will draw and doodle on their installed painted plasterboards. However, that’s wishful thinking since kids are not the sole reasons why walls get stains.  

Most of the time, even adults can unintentionally mark a wall by moving a furniture piece and scraping its leg on the wall. Once this occurs, make sure that you clean the stain with the help of a vacuum or duster. Once the stain remains, wipe it off using a damp cellulose sponge. A mild soap solution can also be used to clean any of the hard to remove blemishes.  

Make sure to take note of the listed maintenance tips for drywalls if you want to prevent unwanted damage.